From the CEO

GIT combines world-class
diagnostic technology and
communication technology to
enable innovative,
integrated vehicle service
at every stage of a car’s life cycle

Welcome to the website of GIT.
As a member of the Hyundai Motor Group that began as an automotive
diagnostic solutions company,
GIT is evolving into a software-
based ICT solutions company.

With eco-friendly cars, self-driving cars, connected cars, and other advanced technologies emerging, the automotive industry is diversifying and changing.
Starting out as a supplier of automotive diagnostic scanners, GIT has helped establish a culture of advanced car maintenance by providing integrated diagnostic systems and mobile diagnostic services. In the world of car maintenance, GIT is respected as a supplier of some of the best automotive diagnostic solutions ever seen.
Moreover, GIT provides an innovative, integrated service that combines its connectivity and electronics testing capabilities—the fruit of its extensive experience—with automotive communication, diagnosis, and testing as a unique offering that shines in value in today’s rapidly evolving market.
With your continuing interest in GIT, we will be able to develop software-based ICT solutions that open up the future of cars and satisfy automotive consumers like never before.
Thank you.




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