Lifetime partner
in automobiles
and beyond
from a car to a life partner


Creativity and perseverance
in creating the future
and society we want

  • Accountability

    Full accountability for
    customer safety and happiness
    at the core of quality management
    that leads to the creation of
    infinite value in society

  • Realization of possibilities

    Achievement of targets one by one
    in the big picture of creating the world
    of our dreams through innovation
    enabled by past failures

  • Love for humanity

    Provision of humanity with value
    in the form of better products and services
    for the enrichment of life

Environmental Management Policy

GIT follows
the Hyundai Motor Group’s
solutions that create
value for all those
who use them.

  • 1.

    GIT products meet environmental requirements and
    customer specifications in every country where they are used.

  • 2.

    GIT trains its people and makes its stakeholders
    aware of how GIT responds
    to international measures in place
    for the restriction of hazardous substances in products.

  • 3.

    GIT manufactures eco-friendly products
    from ethically sourced materials that care
    for the environment from design to use to disposal.

  • 4.

    GIT has in place a system for the
    step-by-step management of hazardous substances in products.

core values

The five core values
of GIT are
embraced by
every one
of its members
in their quest for sustainable
steps forward
as one


About GIT

  • Established


  • Employees

    270 people

  • Revenue

    118.4 billion

  • Capital stock

    4.6 billion

  • Head office

    GIT Building, 24 Ogeum-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

  • Main business

    Providing automotive diagnostic solutions and electric field electrification business


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