Make a Report

How to Proceed

GIT accepts reports on any unethical work and business practice of its employees. All submitted reports are handled confidentially and anonymously. GIT guarantees that any person who submits a report will not be subject to any disadvantage whatsoever.

※ Important Information

Fabricating false reports intended to harass or malign the reported individual is subject to police action. Please prepare a report detailing the Five Ws and H. Please be clear and specific to enable our speedy response to the reported matter.

What You Should Report

Unethical Business Practice

・Embezzlement and bribery including instances of money, valuables, or entertainment being offered, provided, or accepted
・Unethical business proceedings
・Breach of trust
・Unethical equity investment in unlisted trading partners
・Unethical transactions with partner companies
・Dual appointment of employees
・Sexual harassment
・Any other breaches of the Code of Ethics

Illegal Activities

・Violations of the Fair Trade Act and the Subcontracting Act
・Distribution of confidential information and customer-related information
・Breach of trade secrets
・False advertising
・Violations of anti-corruption laws
・Violations of the Personal Information Protection Act
・Violations of labor laws
・Any other violations of laws

Reporting Sexual Harassment
and Other Instances of Harassment at Work

What You Should Report

・Instances of harassment experienced or witnessed at work
・Unfair treatment experienced or witnessed at work
・Sexual harassment by persons in a higher position
・Unwanted sexual advances accompanied by potential or actual disadvantages
・Sexually discriminatory communication in the context of work performance
・Any other grievances of a sexual nature

How to Submit a Report

Sample Report


John Smith (pseudonyms allowed)

Date of birth


E-Mail email address)

Phone number


Cell phone number



Report of acceptance of bribe by Section Chief John Doe of the ( ) Team at Hyundai Motor Company from (company name)


How to Prepare a Report (Please be specific.)

1. What you are reporting
: Something you did or experienced, something you saw or heard, something you heard from another member of the company or a member of another company, etc.

2. Who you are reporting (bribe providers)
: CEO Paul Adams and Sales Team Leader Jeff Barker of (company name)

3. Who you are reporting (bribe receivers)
: Section Chief John Doe and Manager Daniel Jones of the ( ) Team of the ( ) Division

4. Details of the incident you are reporting (what kind of bribe was accepted when, where, and how much?)
: In or around December 2017, CEO Paul Adams of (company name) gave a white envelope containing KRW ( ) in cash to Section Chief John Doe at a restaurant called ( )
On January 1, 2017, Sales Team Leader Jeff Barker of (company name) treated Manager Daniel Jones to a night of entertainment at an upscale establishment in Yeoksam-dong

5. Why the bribe was provided
: Better chances of winning the contract for the ( ) project, access to confidential bidding information, etc.

6. Please provide any further information relevant to the matter being reported
: (Person’s name) will be able to provide further details
on the number 010-1234-1234. The facts on the incident reported can be corroborated by (method).

Please provide the actual names of the persons and organizations involved and other specifics to enable us to conduct the necessary investigations. Baseless accusations of a malicious nature can be dismissed.


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